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How To Use Our Product

Whenever starting a new supplement, it is important to see how your body reacts to it.  We suggest taking 1-2 a day to start, with or without food, and a full glass of water.  Once you know how your body reacts, you can start to increase your dose to the suggested 3 per day.  

You can take 1 with each meal, or take all 3 at once.  Whichever is the most convenient for you is fine. The one thing that will ultimately make the difference between feeling a difference and not feeling a difference is how consistently you take our product.  We find that it might take more than 30-90 days to feel a difference in your health.  With supplements, it is important to be consistent and to take them on a regular basis whenever possible.  This will help to increase energy so that you can feel your best! 

Each person has an individual biological make-up and will begin to see and feel the health effects at different rates. Generally, we say to take the supplement as directed on the bottle, or your doctor, for at least 90 days to really see and feel a difference. Supporting your bone, heart, and brain health are what's important for the long term and you can be sure this is happening with the addition of patented ingredient, BioPerine®! While many people feel a difference, some don’t, and that’s okay. It’s what’s happening on the inside that counts.  All in all, it can take 3-4 months for your body to reach a new equilibrium.

If you have any questions about getting the most out of our supplement, please use the contact page! We are here to help you on your journey to optimal health and wellness! 

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