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Why We Decided To Start Our Own Company

 As a military spouse and a stay at home mom battling an autoimmune disease, I am constantly faced with new challenges.  From moving every one to three years to taking on the responsibilities of being both Mom and Dad by myself whenever my spouse is deployed. All the new and exciting places we move to have brought many happy and exciting moments and opportunities.  With these new experiences also comes new challenges and adjusting to a new area, sometimes a new country, and constantly changing doctors and environments. This has made it hard to keep myself and my family as healthy as I know we can be.  I decided I had to take control and find ways to improve our health naturally. I have dedicated myself to researching as much as I can about health and wellness and how to take care of myself and my family naturally so that we can avoid the headache of going to the doctor in the first place.

Through my own needs for a supplement that I can count on being pure and organic, without added fillers and unnecessary ingredients, I decided to create a product that I can share with others to fill that need!

I believe in the power of nutrition and exercise to keep us all healthy and well, but sometimes through no fault of our own, our genetic make-up and our environment put stressors on our health that even the healthiest diet in the world cannot fix on its own.  That's where the use of supplements comes in!  Through the use of supplements, it is possible to naturally increase wellness!  Whether it is a Vitamin D supplement to increase your levels during the cold, dark winter months, or taking a probiotic to help keep your gut microbiome in check after taking antibiotics, it is certain that supplements do exactly what they are intended to do, supplement your healthy diet!  

Through trial and error, I found that the most important thing to look for in a supplement is the bioavailability and quality of each ingredient.  These two things vary greatly between brands.  Our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar+™ supplement was created out of the need for a product that will actually be used by our bodies to produce the desired health benefits, not just create expensive urine!  With our high quality sourced ingredients and the addition of patented BioPerine®, you can be sure you are getting the best quality ingredients on the market!

 I hope you enjoy our Organic Apple Cider Vinegar+ nutraceutical as much as we do! 

- Lauren (Owner/President)

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