probiotic N°60 - go°with°your°gut


Probiotics are now a widely used tool in promoting a healthy body! Some of the benefits may include:

  •  Improving the immune system
  •  Improving occasional diarrhea and constipation
  •  Positively impacting gut microbiota
  •  Supporting healthy cholesterol levels
  •  Boosting recovery following strenuous training
  •  Improving body composition
  •  Aiding digestion and reducing gas and bloating

go°with°your°gut  is a powerful broad-spectrum probiotic containing billions of CFUs (colony-forming units, which simply refers to the number of live and active micro-organisms that can be found in each serving of a probiotic).

Our Probiotic N° 60 contains the special ingredient DE111®. "This particularly exciting strain is a genome-sequenced and clinically tested strain of Bacillus subtilis (called DE111), a probiotic spore that concentrates its actions on bolstering immune function and digestive stability by, in part, controlling microbial populations. It also has a unique ability to form spores that protect the microbes from harsh conditions through to the destination where they can germinate robustly – the GI tract." - Deerland Probiotic and Enzymes

    go°with°your°gut is a multi-strain blend of super probiotics that help your body maintain a healthy community of microorganisms that will help you feel your best!

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